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Do not appreciate driving home for 40 minutes and find my order incomplete. This is the second time this has happened from the Pukekohe franchise...

SCAMM!1!!! i got scammed out of the 3 tyres 1 tyre free deal, i paid extra for a 4th tyre you filthy momkies you liars!1!1!!!!

Scan your item before you go to checkout as paid extra for mine the item was $10 they charged me $12

by Christopher on The Warehouse in Takanini

Please scan the barcodes with the right price so don’t need to pay extra at the checkout but good bargains

So rude. My mother came in to get a dress makers dummy and she was told we dont have them in your size. She is only a size 14. 18/11/2019

Rude staff

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